Bryan Severance, CEO of Fallout Zones LLC, commented on his company’s new strategic partnership with ARISTA Corporation, “I have always had a passion for video creation, and the possibilities offered by projection mapping technology are, without doubt, breathtaking. With their compact and versatile projection mapping system, ARISTA takes the guesswork out of the equation, which enables content producers to focus on the creative aspects of the process. I believe this partnership will enable firms like ours to take this technology to the next level—upping the quality of work that gets exhibited in the process. Ultimately, more people get exposed to the possibilities of projection mapping, and that’s a positive note for everyone involved.”  

About Bryan Severance

Born and raised in the Entertainment Capital of the world, Las Vegas, Bryan has a unique perspective on presentation and guest “WOW” effect.  Bryan has over 22 years in the entertainment industry and managed projects that encompassed almost every aspect of guest interaction and out of home entertainment.  From Design to guest implementation, he has created shows and attractions that stand the test of time and stay both relevant and profitable.
Entering the out of home entertainment world while in college, working for a worldwide franchise, started Bryan on a successful road to creating content and generating cost-efficient experiences for one-time guest and long-term customer.  Bryan Created Fallout Zones LLC to meet a need in the industry for intellectual and realistic design.  Fallout Zones works with owners and industry leaders alike to bring their imagination to life.
Whether it’s an entire design for a new family fun center or just a single focal point attraction.  Bryan designs for maximum guest experience and ease of future operation and maintenance.  He has built entire family fun centers from the ground up using several proven techniques and uses Fallout Zones to keep these companies on the profitable track during their long years of operations.



  • 2013- Current - Owner / CEO of Fallout Zones LLC.
  • 2007-2013 Owner / CEO Rhino Linings of Las Vegas
  • 2000-2007 Designer, Installer, and Operator of Multiple out of home entertainment venues

Larger Projects of Note

  • Flip N Out Extreme Henderson
  • Flip N Out Extreme Summerlin
  • Original operations and creative design for FNO Las Vegas
  • Operation writing and design for Main Event Entertainment
  • Launch Trampoline Parks
  • Several other independently owned family entertainment centers