About AJ


AJ Freysteinson's passion for creative and unique designs has fueled his highly successful and awe-inspiring projects for over 15 years. Whether he's mapping a twenty-story building or premiering a never-before-seen technology, he has been one of the production industry’s driving forces in projection mapping design and execution.  As CEO and Creative Director for RabCup, AJ is using this new platform to continue pushing the boundaries of video solutions and production design.  "It's all about the breath: that first moment when the curtain goes up, the projector's shutters open and the down beat hits, the audience becomes engaged.”


  • Apr, 2015 – Now CEO, RabCup Corp.
  • 2012 – 2015 Creative Dictor, VP, Pearl Media Productions LLC
  • 2004 – 2012 Media System Design, LD Systems

Large Scale Projects

  • Energy City
  • Lexus Earth Night
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinitely Amazing on the High Line

Recent Representative work

  1. Energy City
  2. Lexus Earth Night
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinitely Amazing onthe High Line
  4. Wiess Energy Hall – EFX 3000 
  5. Interactive Touch Walls 
  6. Aqua Illuminata 
  7. Hand Blown Glass + Lights 
  8. Lindsay Sterling Music Video